Open The Door… to MemoriesTime

Our MemoriesTime sessions are meaningful, enjoyable and person-centred. They’re colourful, interesting and fun, designed to trigger treasured memories, get people moving & having fun together. Our activities draw on the long term memory and combined with physical and social activity encourage participation, communication and connection.
Our sessions also encourage self -expression as we use scarves, ribbons, balls and more to provide tactile stimulation, improving mood, and physical fitness.
All our sessions at Open The Door include music, & MemoriesTime is no exception. We provide a fantastic selection of music & sound as we use shakers, bells and percussion to explore songs, beats, & rhythm. Moving fingers, hands & arms as we shake to the music, we encourage the use of a combination of skills with lots of laughter!
Creating an engaging environment, with bright and colourful attractions, and moving points of interest for anyone in the community, including those who are recovering from a stroke, living with Parkinson’s, or living with all stages of Dementia, our MemoriesTime sessions can reduce agitation, anxiety, & apathy.
They’re a ‘delight to the senses’ encouraging a more fulfilled, worthwhile, and happier quality of life for everyone including those with memory problems, dementia sufferers and their carers.
MemoriesTime sessions often include our Open The Door Parachute with games & activities alongside. This is always an exciting time together, where fun & physical activity combine together to bring many special moments of laughter & smiles.
Our Discovery Baskets & Memories Baskets always get people talking & reminiscing & this is often a time of great sharing together with carers. You’ll be surprised at the topics of conversation which begin at the sight of  pictures & objects. We encourage everyone to ‘dive in’, touch, feel & even smell the objects in the baskets!
We can bring our MemoriesTime sessions to any community group setting,  into care homes, as part of an event, or a regular meeting time. They can be adjusted according to your needs, with choice of music, a theme, or just ‘movement to music’ sessions. If you’d like to get in touch with us we’ll be delighted to discuss arrangements with you.


Open The Door…to SingingTime

Would you like us to come along to your group & lead a session of singing with you?
Our SingingTime sessions are great fun for everyone, & we can bring percussion & props to enjoy the music together. Whether its Elvis Presley or The Beatles, they’re very uplifting! We can discuss details with you & organise a session to meet your needs.

Open The Door…to MovementTime

A lovely ‘keep fit’ type session as we entertain you with our movements to the music. Seated on chairs or standing, they’re a great way of using movements which can improve mood, aid balance & coordination whilst having great fun & laughter. With great social interaction for everyone, we often find friendships build along the way. These sessions can be booked for a time to suit you.