Sensory BabyTime Courses

Our very special Sensory BabyTime courses are running through the year & are usually 5/6/7week courses.
Described as ‘a delight to the senses’ these are little adventures just for tiny babies & pre-walkers, withmusic, lights & touch. They promote bonding, aid sleep & development in so many ways whilst having lots of fun together. They are also a wonderful opportunity for new mums (& dads) to take time out of a busy day, to concentrate on their little one & enjoy a relaxed environment together. Whilst the sessions last 30mins with props & with bespoke parachutes/canopies to enjoy, there are also 10/15mins afterwards to further explore together, practice ‘tummy time’ & to share experiences with other parents/carers.
These classes run Mondays 2pm & Wednesdays 11am at Tytherington Family Worship SK10 2UD

Places must be booked in advance as numbers in the groups are limited. Contact Ruth 07553566070 for more details

Current courses:
Monday 3rd June 7weeks
Wednesday 5th June 7weeks

Next courses for which there are places available will be:

Mondays 2pm 3rd June £30 includes The Hungry Caterpillar Event

Wednesdays 11am 5th June 7weeks £30 includes The Hungry Caterpillar Event if attending the Monday session & more sensory stories will be part of this 7week course.

Contact Ruth 07553566070 to discuss individual needs or if you require more details.



Sensory BabyTime Courses